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Parent Involvement

Parent / Adult Leader concerns - subjects involving shared responsibility:

  • Sexual Abuse - detection and defense skills
  • Drug Abuse - awareness and responsibility
  • Youth participation - competing activity scheduling

To assist scouts, parents, and leaders in these areas of shared responsibility, the Boy Scouts of America requires all leaders to certify completion of the BSA Youth Protection course every two years and new scouts are required to complete the pamplet How to Protect Your Children from Child Abuse: A Parent's Guide with a parent or gardian.

Parent Involvement.... how you can help your boy be successful in Scouting:

  • Attendance - regular, on time
  • Rank advancement - get regular reports; remind & assist with "home work"
  • Independence - Cub Scouts is "boy-parent"; Boy Scouts is "boy (parent)". Let your boy take personal responsibility and make a few mistakes.
  • Encourage patience - steady work over many years is the secret to success in Boy Scouts (as in all of live).

Why we use peer-to-peer communication and individual responsibility...

  • Like it or not, youth respond to peer suggestions more readily than adult suggestions.
  • Youth leadership is very effective when coached by adults.
  • It will help your boy develop responsibility for his own well-being.

Therefore, we insist that parents do the following:

  • Don't pack his gear.
  • Let him get wet and cold.. it's a good teacher.
  • Don't bypass him and ask Troop leaders for information about him.
  • Encourage but don't do his work. Let his success be his.