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Scoutmaster's Minute

Are You:

  • Ready to become an expert hiker and camper, to explore the natural world, and to meet challenges with good judgment and skill?
  • Eager to make the most of yourself and succeed in the best ways possible?
  • Interested in becoming a leader and doing all you can do for your family, your neighborhood, and America?
  • Wanting to develop lifelong friendships and a set of values that can guide you through the years to come?
  • Desiring to understand your duties to your religious beliefs and your responsibilities in caring for the environment?

If you answered "yes" then Boy Scout Troop 77 is for you!

Join Troop 77 and soon you will:

  • Be hiking in open country and camping under the stars.
  • Learn first aid, navigation, cooking, canoeing, backpacking, become stronger physically and mentally, and practice leading yourself and others.
  • Learn how to enjoy the outdoors and nature, leaving no trace that you were ever there.
  • Be surrounded by friends and leaders who share your values found in the Scout Oath and Law.
  • Become prepared to meet the challenges you will face in life.

But most important, it is fun. So join our adventure!

Jackie Whitmire