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Troop Organization

Who does what...

  • Charter Partner (sponsor) - Men's Club First United Methodist Church of Toccoa

  • Troop Committee - appointed by and responsible to Charter Partner
    • Advancement - ensures learning, approves all rank promotions
    • Facilities - provide building, equipment, and transportation
    • Finance - budget, expenditures

  • Scoutmaster - appointed by and responsible to Troop Committee
    • Program - provides for schedule, activities, training
    • Security - safety, health, discipline
    • Advisor - leadership skills, mentoring

  • Assistant Scoutmasters - appointed by and responsible to Scoutmaster

  • Senior Patrol Leader - top youth leadership position, responsible for whole Troop

  • Assistant Senior Patrol Leader - youth assists Senior Patrol Leader

  • Patrol Leaders - youth leadership position responsible for 4 - 8 boys
  • Program operation - how we plan and have week-to-week activities...
    • Annual Plan - developed by adult and youth leaders council
    • Monthly Plan - developed and planned by Scoutmaster
    • Weekly Plan - developed and carried out by Senior Patrol Leader (youth)
  • Communication; individual responsibility - who tells who what's going on
    • Scoutmaster to Senior Patrol Leader - adult to youth
    • Senior Patrol Leader to Patrol Leaders - youth to youth
    • Patrol Leader to patrol member scouts - youth to youth
      • Scoutmaster does not normally communicate directly with individual scouts on activities; he does use direct communication on personal development and advancement.
      • Activity information is given to or developed by youth leaders
      • Adult leaders do not necessarily know all details of a planned activity
      • Small mistakes are allowed to avoid large mistakes in the future.